Visual Effects Artist & Supervisor

Communication Studies (Bachelor of Arts & Science)
Concordia University, Montréal Québec, Canada 1988 -1991
Software Knowledge
  • Autodesk Flame
  • Autodesk Smoke
  • Nuke
  • After Effects
  • Creative Suite Apps
  • Cinema 4D
  • Syntheyes
  • Mocha
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Various VFX Utilities
OS: Expert knowledge of Mac OS X and working knowledge of Windows and Linux.
I own legal valid licenses, and the hardware to run, all of the above mentioned software except for Flame.
Visual Effects Educator
UCLA Extension, Los Angeles (2000 - present)
I am a returning guest lecturer twice a year at UCLA's Post-Production for Film and Television classes. These are students that touch and learn about all the different fields in post production. I give a 3 hour lecture on the Business of Visual Effects and show them practical examples of what I do.

Centre NAD, Montréal (1993 -1995)
I was one of the original faculty members at the beginning of the NAD Center in Montréal, Canada. NAD was one of the first private school of it's kind for those who were interested in a career in VFX. I was teaching two 101 (intro) classes. One was for 2D compositing using After Effects and the second was 3D animation using Electric Image. Both were on the Apple platform. The approach was more hands on and practical than theory by assigning students real world projects.
Club DJ and Music Producer
Unrelated to visual effects, but still in a creative medium, I've been DJing professionally for over 25 years. I started in high school and became a professional club DJ when I was in college. This was how I payed for my studies. I've had a chance to travel the world playing at different clubs in major cities. A few years ago is started producing my own electronic music which I use during my sets and hosting my own radio show that airs weekly on The D3EP Radio Network. I have a Soundcloud page where I post my live recorded sets and archives of past radio shows.