Visual Effects Artist & Supervisor

Freelance (Los Angeles) | VFX Artist and Supervisor | Mar ’13 - present
  • Freelance VFX Artist. I work in my studio while virtually consulting with clients or I can work at client’s location.
  • Supervision of VFX shooting on set.
  • Lead teams of 2D and 3D freelance artists on bigger projects.

Below The Radar (Los Angeles) | Lead Compositor and VFX Creative Director | Mar ’04 - Mar’13
  • Worked directly with commercial and feature clients as lead VFX artists.
  • Supervised VFX shooting on set.
  • Lead teams of 2D and 3D freelance artists on bigger projects.
  • Set up the whole VFX pipeline (hardware / software) for the facility.
  • Was involved in final decision for purchase of any VFX software and hardware.

Black Box Digital (Los Angeles) | Lead Compositor and UI Motion Designer | Jan ’02 - Mar ‘04
  • Designed futuristic UIs for such movies as Minority Report, Artificial Intelligence, Enemy of The State, The Italian Job, Simone, and others.
  • Worked directly with A class directors such as Steven Spielberg, Tony Scott, and Michael Bay.
  • Was in charge of all 2D compositing, tracking, and integration of our UI graphics with the live plates.

Sight Effects (Los Angeles) | Flame Compositing Artist | Apr ’00 – Jan ‘02
  • Was one of the 3 senior Flame Compositors for commercial work.
  • Was part of the team that created “Running with the Squirrels” and “Cat Herders”. Two award winning Superbowl commercials for EDS.

Post Logic Studios (Los Angeles) | Senior and Lead Flame Compositing Artist | Sep ’98 – Apr ‘00
  • Was brought in to lead Post Logic’s VFX commercial division at the new Santa Monica facility
  • Was in charge of 2 junior compositing artists, 3 CG artists, and 5 assistants
  • Besides national commercials I was the lead VFX artist on many high profile music videos and worked directly with artists like Janet Jackson, Sean Combs, Courtney Love, and Chris Isaak among others

Rhythm & Hues Studios (Los Angeles) | Flame Compositing Artist | Jun ’97 – Sep ‘98
  • My role was to composite final shots of talking animals CG plates with live plates for various scenes in the movie “Babe: Pig in The City”
  • When not working on ‘Babe’ I was supporting R&H commercial dept in compositing

MTM Productions (Los Angeles) | Lead VFX Artist | Jul ’96 – Jun ‘97
  • Lead a team of 4 FX artists for all the CG and composting of CBS’s children weekly morning show “Bailey Kipper’s POV”. We had to crank out about 60 effects weekly for very 22 minute episode.

Anderson Video (Los Angeles) | Flame Compositing Artist | Sept ’95 – Jul ‘96
  • One of the two Flame Artists for Anderson Video on the Universal lot. Duties consisted mainly of VFX compositing for TV shows and clean up of feature films to get them TV ready.

Discreet Logic (Montréal) | Flame Demo Artist | Aug ’93 – Nov ‘95
  • Instructor and demo artist for Flame which was a system, at the time, developed and sold by Discreet Logic.

Apple Inc (Montréal) | Broadcast Representative | Jul ’91 – Aug ‘93
  • Apple hired me straight out of university to promote their computer systems in the professional broadcast market. This position was created for me and was actually called “Broadcast Evangelist”.
  • Duties consisted of encouraging and assist developers to create software and hardware for the broadcast and VFX market.
  • Was part of the original testers for QuickTime which was being developed at the time.